benefits to you

make a year

10% return in a year

Purchase a motorcycle and we will lease it to a driver. After 12 months, when they have paid back the amount through the proceeds of their business, we buy back the bike and release it to the driver, giving you a 10% return. Learn how a 10% return is possible.
support business that changes lives

Support a Business that changes lives

To make a real and lasting difference for the poor we need to spur economic development by building strong industries that pay fairly. Learn about the positive impact cidi generates.
become part of our community

Become part of our exclusive community

Win a life changing trip to see first-hand how YOU are changing the world and gain eligibility to our rewards program reserved solely for our community of outstanding change makers.
feel good

Feel good about putting your money to good use

Real lives: Purchasing a motorcycle will make a real difference to the lives of a driver and to that of his family and immediate community.

Real impact: Purchasing a motorcycle will have more positive direct and indirect impacts than most other opportunities you could pursue.

Invest in cidi motorcycle

make a real impact on the world