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All the money you spend with cidi will return to you with a 10% markup.


The sheer scale of job creation and poverty reduction we can achieve is unprecedented. €100,000 invested generates 100 direct jobs and provides a livelihood for at least 600 people.


Your customers, staff and partners will find our story compelling and community engaging.


We can design programs to meet the specific objectives and needs of your firm.

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Why are motorcycles so effective?

cidi Motorcycle financing generates attractive returns, has a low risk profile with historically low default rates. Underpinning all is the fact that the motorcycle business generates a decent income for the entrepreneurs. Furthermore every motorcycle financing is secured by the motorcycle. This means that if a borrower fails to repay cidi would repossess the motorcycle and lease it out to another driver or sell it to recover the money. Motorbikes represent the major transportation option for the majority of Africa’s 1 billion transport dependent, due to the low cost per trip and absence of formal public transport. Ownership of a motorcycle can provide millions with work as self-employed taxi drivers, allowing them to earn a livelihood to support themselves and their families. These drivers, in turn, support hundreds of millions to get from home to work cheaply, further contributing to wider economic development at scale across the continent

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