Join investors earning 10%
and making a real impact on the world

cidi is a global online marketplace for impact

We make it rewarding to create real and lasting change

How it works

Through financing motorcycles, we help start individual micro-enterprises that reduce inequality for the underprivileged

1. You buy
You buy a motorcycle from cidi

2. We manage

We lease the motorcycle to a selected driver to start a transportation business 

3. Drivers thrive

The driver earns an income, supports his family and pays for the motorcycle by running his or her business

4. You profit

cidi gives you back 110% of your purchase price and releases the motorcycle to the driver

Why you should invest in a cidi motorcyle

1. High returns and security

A 10% return represents great value. We secure your investment against the motorcycle itself which brings an added element of safety. Add to this the historical reliability of motorcycle leasing and you get peace of mind.

2. Real difference

Real impact! With cidi you will make a real difference to people’s lives. Instead of leaving your money in a bank or financing another building in central London why not use it to eradicate poverty.

3. Short-term results

With cidi you don’t have to wait years to see the returns on your money which means it is the perfect way to turn a profit.


What's in it for you if you buy a motorcycle for €1000 ?

1. 10% Return

 Receive 110% of your money back in 1 year

2. Fight Proverty

 Help start a business that provides a family with a lasting solution to poverty

3. Community

Become part of our exclusive community and access unique rewards

4. Feel Good

 Feel good about putting your money to good use

Some questions you may have

When you purchase from cidi you are purchasing three things, a motorcycle, the motorcycle leasing service from cidi and the guarantee that we will repurchase the motorcycle at a higher price after a year.

But what does it mean really?  It means that you give us the authority to use the proceeds of your purchase to buy a motorcycle and to lease it to a driver to run a taxi-motorcycle business. It also means that we have the obligation to buy back the motorcycle at 110% of the purchase value after one year.

Expected Return represents annualized expected return after defaults and recoveries. The Expected Return is calculated based on the historic data for the defaults and recovery levels.  It is set contractually in our Conditions of Sale for the motorcycle between you and cidi.
We have a Buy Back provision in our Conditions of Sale which makes it mandatory for us to Buy Back the Motorcycle for €1100. Buy Back proceeds are returned directly to your account after 12 months.

cidi builds an alternative to public transport that employs millions of individual entrepreneurs in countries that lack public transport. cidi works with affiliates and local motorcycle financing companies that manage all aspects of Leasing the motorcycle to drivers.  The companies we work with are carefully selected, we go through a screening process that takes months to understand their business, how they do things, how they appraise the borrowers and manage the collections. We then spend time defining agreements that are coherent with our practice of secured asset financing.

All our motorcycle financings are backed by security.  Before committing to financing a motorcycle we examine the creditworthiness of the borrower, the viability of the borrower’s repayment ability, his aptitude to undertake the motorcycle business.  Each borrower must also provide a deposit for up to 30% of the value of the motorcycle and have guarantors that stand in his stead should he not repay. We give great attention to making sure our security by having direct claims on motorcycle ownership.  This, together with our diligent internal processes, ensures that security risk is minimized. Our Buyers whilst buying a single motorcycle are not presented with the risk of Individual defaults, that is if a borrower does not repay his motorcycle, our buy-back obligation stands.

We increase the driver’s odds of success by helping drivers access Motorcycle ownership, plugging the drivers into ride hailing networks, and helping them to comply with security standards, training and insurance requirements.

It is more likely the drivers has real problems that may affect his ability to earn and repay.  It is best in these situations to work towards an arrangement. In the rare occasions where the driver intends not to honour his obligations, cidi has the right of repossession. The Motorcycle can either leased to an alternative driver or sold.

cidi Limited is a UK incorporated Limited Company. We are currently active in Kenya because it has a large population of 50 million, but has an absence of formal public transport options.

cidi is owned and governed by its directors who have extensive in business, finance and impact investing in developing nations.  You can find out more about who we are in our About us page.

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